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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gradient nails!

Hello my lovely readers!
                 Finally I did Gradient manicure. I saw this manicure in lots of blogs and Facebook pages. So I also want to do it on my nails. It took really long time to decide me about what color should I use :D but I did with green & dark red ( don't know actually what color ) :p

I like it on my nails but don't know why.. not satisfied with my photos..
Here is some photos:

Well this is also my 1st attempt so..... I know I need more & more practice for it.
I have to do this with different color now.
Till than take care!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Got my prize!

Hello everyone!
I want to share my prize with you all. I won prize for this  manicure at My Lacquer family (summer loving contest). Today I got the package so can't wait to share it. 
Here is photos!

Card & Glitter nail polish!

Thank you to Sarah! for this beautiful glitter nail polish :D

Floral nails!

Hello everyone!
I am very exited for today's post because this mani is for to participaint Kayla Shevonne nail art contest. For detail click here. Well the contest theme is Floral nails.So I wanted to do it easy and simple flower nail art as she use to do. So I took my dotting tools, some colorful bids and some colorful nail polishes then I get started.

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                                    I've use my base color as light pink ( OPI - Tutti Frutti Tonga).

Top coat

So this is my Floral nail design for the contest hope she will like this. Lets wait and watch.
Till than take care!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

IKAT nails!

Hello everyone!
Today I updated this  blog post and did IKAT nails. IKAT is a pattern which we can see in clothes, bed sheet, bag, furniture, pillow bla bla bla . Ok I got this nail art idea from here, actually this is a Facebook page about a nail art collection from various artist. Well whoever she is, doing great job. If anybody wants to visit her page click here. So I am also fan of her page, and I saw IKAT manicure there and want to paint it on my nails.

OPps! I drop some nail polish:D

here is same mani with different color :) I did today....

I think this is not that great but this is my first attempt so satisfied so far, I really like this nail art idea so want to make with different color. And sure I will share with you guys.
Till than take care :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Laser mani

Time for more tape mani :D Actually I did it last night and now I'm updating here. Well if you read my previous blog post  there you can see the striping tape, I've use same tape for this mani, I gave a  name for this  as Laser mani. I've use neon color from color club.

Color Club mini nail polish

I want to do this mani using more different color. I feel it's not that tough job ^_^
Thank you for reading my post.
Take care. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blok color nails

This post is about my 1st tape mani. I think 2 week before I bought a color striping tape & glitters from eBay, and I did my tape mani for the 1st time.

I bought these 12 color Glitter & 12 Roll just for $4. It took time to deliver but totally satisfied with it.

Isn't it awesome ^_^ anyway, than I did my tape mani with those striping tape. Actually this is a block nail inspired by "My Awesome Beauty" & the I find the tutorial here.

Here is my mani

This is not that perfect but i think the color combinations okay type ehehe... You can see that tape is disorder (little bit). I've use use the same maybelline color show nail polish as my base color.
Now I have to try something with those glitters :)
Till than take care!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maybelline color show nail polish

Ok this is my quick post for maybelline color show nail polish. I find these on the Walmart & totally love 'em. First I bought just two of 'em :D I just love the color & it's bottle. Well I want to show them how it look on my nails.

how is my selection :D 

**Yes I bought one more nail polish from maybelline color show, but this time I'm little bit disappoint because when I apply first coat to my nail OMG its like fade color my face was like :( but after I apply top coat it came out really shiny & good color :D  here is photo with top coat & without top coat. you can feel the difference :D**

Without Top Coat

With Top Coat

So what do you thing about this color??? eeemm well I think it's really beautiful color ehehe

 ****Now want to buy more color if more color is left there :D****  I love the Denims most here ^_^
Aren't those color is beautiful :D I will update here if I got more color.
take care :D 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Finally I find the Revlon whimsical. I was searching for this nail polish for a long time, to win this nail polish I enter lot of giveaway but never :( I win the giveaway neither I found it in any store. Luckily me & my husband went to the Big K mart and I direct went  to the cosmetic area ehehe there is only one whimsical was left which is definalty for me. And I also bought the Jordana glitters (Funky Gold Town). Hurray like my dream come true LOL.

Here is Whimsical on my nails.

Here I painted my ring finger with Jordana Glitters.

now I'm back to work :D