Me & my Nail

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Converse Nail!!

Hello!! everyone here I come once again with new nail design.
Actually it's not new for everybody but I try these design just today, So wanna share :D
Among us who not gonna like a Converse Shoe, hope nobody :P Talking about me I just love the shoe I mean Converse Shoe. It make me feel really comfortable than other shoe. So I prefer them to wear.
Now let's have a look at my Converse Shoe nails.

Hahaha above photo I edited by my IPhone App. I have no idea how it looks like this, anyway it's like ok type. I use different color to make my Converse Nail. On the thumb finger i've use pink color but it is not shown.

Oh! well this for now. I have to try more on this design because this is not that good what I want.
See ya on next post!
Till than take care, keep paint on your nail!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apple nails!

hello my friends!
How many of u like an APPLE? well I like apple if come get me after peeling & cutting it ;)
Today I've paint an apple on my nails! Green smith apple & Red apple!! Two of them is half apple..
Here is the photos!

I paint with free hand. It's really easy to paint. If You like it I can make a tutorial <:D>

Thats all for today! Have an Apple it's good for u LOL
See you on next post.
Take care!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Nails!

Hello my friends! 
Here I come u with new post for Valentine day nail. Today I'm wearing this nail paint :) I have just use simple tecnique for paint this nail. Last Thursday I bought flower bouquet, in the flower i got small red heart. So i use that for today's design.

I've use Orly Red Carpet for base color for all nails except ring finger. In the ring finger I used Sally Hansen black color, than with the help of strip black color i made thick & thin strip. I use same Red color for make heart on the ring finger. I made heart with my dotting tool. And off course those mini heart is the same as i mentioned :D

my nails with Rose! 

Hope everybody having good time today!
and off course take care yourself & your nails :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine day nail!

Hello there!
I am trying to work on my nails for this valinetine but could not give much time so i've just use my nail stamping (M56) for make small heart in the tip of nail. but I am really disappointed because it dosent stamp on my nail as it is on stamping. aaaaww well this is look like this..

Konad m56
Here is my nails!

you can see some part is missing!

This is it for now, i'm gonna try another design tommarow!!
Till than take care!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainbow polka dot!

I did this nail paint earlier but updating on my blog just today! This is very easy nail art just want to play with different color so i did this, hope you will like it.

Rainbow polka dot 
         Take care!

Van gogh starry night

Hello everyone!

          It's been a while that I'm not updating my blog, because I'm having some problem with my nails. Today i paint Van gogh's Starry night painting on my nail, but it is not perfect. Just want to paint it on my nail so i tried.

van gogh starry night

1st i paint in my 1 nail

paint on my 4 nails

aahhhh this is my 1st attempt to paint this, may be I'm gonna try it next time too.
Take care!