Me & my Nail

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apple nails!

hello my friends!
How many of u like an APPLE? well I like apple if come get me after peeling & cutting it ;)
Today I've paint an apple on my nails! Green smith apple & Red apple!! Two of them is half apple..
Here is the photos!

I paint with free hand. It's really easy to paint. If You like it I can make a tutorial <:D>

Thats all for today! Have an Apple it's good for u LOL
See you on next post.
Take care!


  1. Stopping by from the Dazzle Dry Facebook community! LOVE the apple nails -- saw them on the Wall at Dazzle Dry!
    Do you live in the U.S.? You might want to join the LUCKY NAILS contest at Dazzle Dry!

    1. aaawww thanque for ur information but i think that contest is end yesterday... well i was bg for few weeks co could't update my blog..
      again thanque for reminding me!