Me & my Nail

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Converse Nail!!

Hello!! everyone here I come once again with new nail design.
Actually it's not new for everybody but I try these design just today, So wanna share :D
Among us who not gonna like a Converse Shoe, hope nobody :P Talking about me I just love the shoe I mean Converse Shoe. It make me feel really comfortable than other shoe. So I prefer them to wear.
Now let's have a look at my Converse Shoe nails.

Hahaha above photo I edited by my IPhone App. I have no idea how it looks like this, anyway it's like ok type. I use different color to make my Converse Nail. On the thumb finger i've use pink color but it is not shown.

Oh! well this for now. I have to try more on this design because this is not that good what I want.
See ya on next post!
Till than take care, keep paint on your nail!


  1. These are hilarious and awesome!!! I have a hot pink pair!

  2. great nails!

    1. Thanks! I like your blog too. Will be follower :)