Me & my Nail

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Water Marble Tutorial.

 The things u need - orange stick or toothpick, disposable glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp. water, nail polish & scotch tape.

I like to begin by prepping my nails with base coat and one coat of polish.


1. Fill your cup with some warm or room temperature water. If the water is too cold, the nail polish will seize up.

2. Choose the polishes you want to work with; keep in mind the opacity of the polish you are using, if its too sheer, it might not look right.

3.Tape around the edge of the nail to protect your finger from becoming covered with nail polish. Scotch tape works perfectly for this.

4. I like to begin with the lightest color. Load up the brush and let a big drop of polish fall into the water. Continue with the other colors until you have a few concentric circles of polish in the water.

5.Using the toothpick or orange stick, drag through the polish from the edge toward the middle. Continue to drag the stick through the polish until you find a design that you think looks pretty.

6. Holding your finger horizontally, dip your fingernail into the glass, making sure it is completely submerged.

7. Use the toothpick/orange stick to trace around your finger, gathering up all the unused nail polish in the glass
8. Lift your finger out of the glass, and let dry before taking the tape off.

9. Continue with your other nails until you have a full set of beautifully water marbled nails.

10. Slick on your favorite top coat and Tada! All done!

Most importantly, have fun! As with any type of nail art, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time.

                                                   Best Of Luck Gals!