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Friday, March 23, 2012

Summery manicure!

hello everyone!
This is a quick post about my summer manicure which i've done it yesterday & today. I really like those easy & simple idea, so wanna share with u. You can make this only by looking on it.... 
So here it is....

For this manicure I've use Orly - CRUSH ON YOU. I paint it about 2 coat than I add orange fimo only on the ring finger. (off course I apply my top coat :D) than its done. 

Here is another manicure. For this I've use light color from my collection. I use  OPI - FIERCELY FIONA. Than I made different size of dots as u can see and overlap by base color. I gave a name for this design as a Abstract Polka Dot!

Abstract Polka Dot

Here is one more easy and simple mani for summer time :D you can use any color that u have in your collection. I'm sure that  you can easily figure it out how I've made it :) So why don't you try it.

This is my latest summery manicure, I know its been long time, I was doing other manicure which I did not update in my blog. I've post those photos in my Facebook page only. Well I think this manicure is perfect for this summer. And i know this is easy and super fun.

This is it for now. So what do u think? Aren't those cool & easy for summer.Well I will add more design here. so stay tuned :)
Till than Keep paint on your nail.
Take care!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Simple Strawberry nail art tutorial!

Hello my friends!
How is everything? Gosh! I'm lost for a long time rite :)
Anyway now summer is coming so hope everybody getting excited to do lots of things. aahh actually in summer we use to eat lots of fruits *_^  Yesterday I got some strawberry :D guess what ?????? Oh! ya I'm going to make strawberry nail art with tutorial in very simple way. So lets get started.

First paint your nail with somewhat pink color. ( no idea which color is this ;P) Don't forget to apply base coat.

After it completely dry, with the green nail polish paint one side of the nail like this, I paint by left side :D

Than paint in the same way on the next side! now it gonna look like this.

 Now paint on the middle. It gonna look like this. Paint all nails like same way!!

Now it's time to complete it by dotting in the empty place. You can use white or yellow nail color, here I use yellow nail polish! You can use toothpick for dotting.

After all the step make sure u apply a top coat! It protect your nail to chipping away and also help to protect your design for long time.

Here is one more photo! Edited ehehehe!!


Hope this is the easy way to make strawberry nails, and you guys love to try this.
Have fun! will see ya soon again.
Take care!