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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maybelline color show nail polish

Ok this is my quick post for maybelline color show nail polish. I find these on the Walmart & totally love 'em. First I bought just two of 'em :D I just love the color & it's bottle. Well I want to show them how it look on my nails.

how is my selection :D 

**Yes I bought one more nail polish from maybelline color show, but this time I'm little bit disappoint because when I apply first coat to my nail OMG its like fade color my face was like :( but after I apply top coat it came out really shiny & good color :D  here is photo with top coat & without top coat. you can feel the difference :D**

Without Top Coat

With Top Coat

So what do you thing about this color??? eeemm well I think it's really beautiful color ehehe

 ****Now want to buy more color if more color is left there :D****  I love the Denims most here ^_^
Aren't those color is beautiful :D I will update here if I got more color.
take care :D 


  1. The blue denim is gorgeous! I keep staring at that picture.

  2. just loved allthose nail paints ...... cud yh plz get me that pink 1 !

    1. Thank you! If I found same color than for sure I will bring for u.