Me & my Nail

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blok color nails

This post is about my 1st tape mani. I think 2 week before I bought a color striping tape & glitters from eBay, and I did my tape mani for the 1st time.

I bought these 12 color Glitter & 12 Roll just for $4. It took time to deliver but totally satisfied with it.

Isn't it awesome ^_^ anyway, than I did my tape mani with those striping tape. Actually this is a block nail inspired by "My Awesome Beauty" & the I find the tutorial here.

Here is my mani

This is not that perfect but i think the color combinations okay type ehehe... You can see that tape is disorder (little bit). I've use use the same maybelline color show nail polish as my base color.
Now I have to try something with those glitters :)
Till than take care!