Me & my Nail

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rainbow & cloud nails!

Hello! everybody :D

Today I did "Rainbow & clouds nail". I saw this nail art eeeemmm don't know where I think somewhere in the nail art album, I really like this nail art so want to try. I think it looks really cool on my nails ;) because till now this is my tough nail art *for me* because I mess lots of thing especially my carpet ehehe I drop some paint. Well I use an acrylic paint (Apple barrel) for this design, but the base color is nail polish. And one more thing I am entering in this (My Lacquer Family) contest with this photo hope for good and anybody like to enter in this contest.

I've paint dark sky blue and light sky blue nail polish on my alternate nail, but it is not that noticiable in photo. Than I paint rainbow with small brush, and I use dotting tool for  clouds. I apply glitter polish in rainbow area only.Well here come the result...

Here is some photos!

You can see the difference 

When I try it 1st time, it was too messy as you can see those clouds face and rainbow is also not correctly done. I mess the clouds because I don't have patient to wait till it completely dry, I know this is very bad habit, I realize it for so many time but also I can't :(  eeemmm but I think I did good in 2nd time

Photo with real cloud! :D
Too much light on back :D

Smile please!

aaawww I miss my old painting that I used to paint in school days like this. Now I make my nail as my canvas and trying to paint it in different way.

So like always keep on paint your nail!
Take care!