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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dandelion Nails!

A big hi to everybody!
Here I am after a long time with new nail art. Toady I did "Dandelion Nail", Yes actually this is a type of weeds, which we can see around our yards, one thing I didn't know that it is that yellow flower before it turns into it. How many of you carzy to blow them?? Yes I'm one of them ehehehe I am alergic with pollen, but also every summer I enjoy to blow"Dandelion"

I've use a  'Pelican Gray' from China Glaze for the base coat and for the draw those delicate dandelion I've use acrylic paint from "apple barrel" and tiny brush.

I really had fun at the time of taking a photos of it. My husband help me for the photo session :D
well I found the tutorial here. If u like to draw it on your nail this can be helpful. If you don't have a brush you can use a small dotting tools.

Wow! now I'm feeling really good because I wanted to do this nail art before long time. So what about you girls :)

Will come back again with my new nail art!
Till than keep paint on your nails.

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